Veterinarian Drugs Are Not Meant for Human Use

Ketamine has been used by veterinarians as an anesthetic for operating on animals but in human consumption, the drug has powerful hallucinogenic and pain-killing attributes. As one pharmaceutical company plans to launch a new anti-depressant that contains the drug, here is some helpful information on the dangers of it.

What Is It?

Similar to opiates, Ketamine affects the brain and central nervous system creating a numbing sensation. Also known as Kit Kat, Special K, Cat Valium and Vitamin K; it is similar to LSD, has a hallucinogenic effect and may distort perceptions.

How Is It Used?

Legally, it is available for veterinarian use in liquid form and injected, however illegal use of Ketamine is in pill form or powder from which is snorted or smoked in tobacco. It is important to know that an individual’s mood or their emotional state at the time of using the drug will have a direct impact on the effects of the drug. Once the drug is taken, by any method, the effects will begin immediately and will last approximately an hour. buy liquid ketamine 

Is It Addictive?

Research conducted on the addiction qualities of the drug indicate that an individual may develop a psychological addiction; however there are no physical addiction qualities associated with Ketamine use. There are no physical withdrawal symptoms connected to use, however psychologically, the user may develop a strong desire to continue using the drug. Studies show that users may develop a tolerance, as with any drug, with prolonged use and it will require more of the drug to achieve the same sense of numbing euphoria as with previous use.

Indications that an individual may be psychologically addicted to Ketamine are:

• Increasing the amount of the dosage

• Frequent use of Ketamine

• Obsessed with using and getting more of the drug

• Neglect of financial responsibilities, work and school responsibilities

• Withdrawal from friends and family, but spending time with “new” friends that use the drug

Short Term and Long Term Dangers

There are many dangers associated with the drug. The anesthetic quality of Ketamine causes temporary paralysis making the individual unable to move while the pain relieving quality makes the individual unable to experience pain which could lead to self-injury without realizing the injury. Doctors stress that Ketamine is NOT for human consumption, so there is no safe dosage established for humans and the individual could overdose on the drug and die. Combining it with other drugs or alcohol can create respiratory problems, heart failure and loss of consciousness and can be fatal.

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