Tutorial on Photoshop

Photoshop is the application used to edit, manipulate, revitalize digital images in order to enhance their quality and add finesse for better visual effects. It refers to a set of techniques by which graphic effects are added to images through analog or digital means. It can also be used to create art as well as greeting cards, posters, banners & flyers.This software has been in use since 1982, developed and published by Adobe Systems. The Photoshop application consists mainly of five components: the Application Bar, the Tools Panel, the Options Bar, the Document Window, and the Panel Dock

Photoshop tools are so varied that it is impossible to master all of them. The primary use of Photoshop is that you can create new images or manipulate existing images to suit your needs. The Type Tool is an option that helps you create texts on images. This tool is most often used by professionals for desktop publishing and on the Web than individuals, who normally do not add texts to their photos. Existing texts can be redesigned by a change in size, type and color of fonts and their placements changed in terms of vertical, horizontal, curved or a straight line. photoshop flyer

The painting and drawing tools help you to not only beautify existing images but also to draw new ones. Photoshop helps create layers in your selected picture by means of specific tools. Images can be enlarged or downsized. A picture can be adjusted to alter its hues, curves, contrast and color balance with the aid of proper tools. Another wonderful option that Photoshop features is ‘Selection’. You can isolate and work on a particular part of an image or transfer that part on to another picture smoothly. Special effects can be brought on to images with the aid of ‘Filters.’

Photoshop is a boon as far as restoring rare, old or damaged photographs is concerned. It can renew and bring to life and store for posterity old photographs that hold fond memories for many.


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