Sports Investing in America – From a Historical Perspective

Today, betting on sports has become a hobby, not to mention, a profits generator, for sports enthusiasts and entrepreneurs alike. With the rise of a magical technology called the Internet, it is now more easily accessed by all kinds of folk who are into gambling.

What American sports bettors don’t know is that this craze of gambling has been around all throughout American history. Understanding its roots can help us understand why the game and the business has come this far, and why despite economic constraints, it will still be around for generations to come.

Many say that Americans are natural born-risk takers. That is why it is so easy to place a bet during any sporting event or race. It’s not enough that Americans love sports. They’re followers of the greatest sports ever invented, such as basketball, baseball, football, and even car and horse racing. Somehow, they find the thrill in involving money into any game. 메이저놀이터

Let’s take a look at how sports investing came into play in historical America.

Popular games in Colonial America included horse races, cock fights and old-fashioned boxing, done without the rules. In short, even street brawls were a popular event to bet. People found a lot of amusement in it, and sometimes, got easy money out of it too. Americans have always wanted to show their competitive side, even as they were mere spectators of an event.

In the United States alone, there is about $50 billion spent each year on bets, cumulatively. Research and surveys say that approximately one in four Americans participate in a sports betting event at least once a year. Many of these people are regular bettors. These people come from all walks of life. Some are tycoons, and others are working-class folk.

Economic recession can be felt, even in US. It’s this instability that drives people to come up with ways on how to make an easy buck on top of their regular day job. What better way than to bet and double your money instantly (if you win, that is)? Even losing encourages more betting. Any one who’s lost will want to recover their capital, at least, and that’s why they keep betting.

Today, betting is not so primitive anymore, and can now be done by relying on systems created by successful bettors in the industry. These systems claim to help bettors score better by giving them an analytical view of the entire process.


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