How Can A Virtual Job Board Help You Find The Right Career Path?

When people are writing a resume they are thinking in terms of one version of this resume. You should actually be thinking in terms of several different versions of your resume. This doesn’t mean that you have to change any of the dates or your personal information but you may want to change some of the key words on the resume.

If you only have one version of your resume you may be making a big mistake while searching online for jobs.

When you post your resume on a job board they will typically ask you if you would like to add additional versions of your resume. Most people do not do this but putting three four or even five resumes in different versions is a good idea because employers search for potential candidates by keywords.

The following is an example of how not having different versions of your resume can hurt you, let’s say you write a resume and in that resume your past job experiences were as an account executives. If contained in your resume only says account executives and you are looking for a sales job and someone searching for the word sales rep, sales representative, or sales consultant in your resume will not show up in that search.

In the different versions of your resume you don’t have to change your job title but in places like your objective you may want a sprinkle in the words sales rep or sales representative. Or if you have a bullet point that says top account exec. You may want to change it to top sales representative.

While searching for jobs in the job board database you may come across certain jobs that you’re interested in but at the same time really does not match your current resume. If you have several different versions of your resume you can tailor them to each individual job opening and will make job searching less time-consuming. purpose not a job

Having several different versions of your resume is an advantage that you need to have. This will allow your resume to show up for different variations of key words for jobs you are suited for. It also save you time when you have to make any modifications to your resume.


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