Great Aspects of Medical Tourism in India

Due to the soaring medical costs in all western countries, loads of Britons are heading towards India to have an access to all the latest and inexpensive medical facilities. As a result, the medical tourism in India has shown a striking rise in the last few years. Listed below are the top two reasons that prompt medical tourists to book air tickets to India.

Low Cost Health Care

India has emerged out as the unrivalled ruler as far as quality, inexpensive healthcare is concerned. Medical tourists travelling to the country receive superlative health care services in the most distinguished hospitals that are dotted in all the major cities such as Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai.

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Medical tourism in India is flourishing very fast and has been captivating millions due to its low cost treatments and premium healthcare specialists. Even after taking the airfares into account, the cost of getting treated in the best hospitals of India is significantly cheaper than that available in the UK. For instance, a surgery which costs GBP 12,000 in UK can be obtainable for as low as GBP 5,000 in India.

Even after such low expenses, patients in India receive preeminent medical treatments that can be even customized according to their personal needs. The most noticeable fact is that most hospitals in India have a neglectful waiting time that helps patients who are critically ill.

Travellers who opt for a complete medical holiday package can save a great deal of money. Such packages may include air travel tickets, accommodation near the treatment centre and prior booking of appointments with doctors. This helps in saving not only the money but also the energy of the travellers as it can become extremely tiring for the patients and their companions to hunt for the best services and amenities in this large country.

Popular Medical Procedures

The most popular medical treatments that lure people to book for tickets to India include liver replacements, heart surgery, and orthopaedic solutions. In India these treatments are almost 70% cheaper than that of other urbanized countries. Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, and Apollo are the most sought-after hospitals for performing such medical procedures. These hospitals feature all the modern facilities along with a team of highly skilled doctors.


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