Choose Only Digital Printing Option For Custom Labels and Stickers Printing

As technology improves and newer and better ways of printing become available, advertising becomes more competitive and advanced. One of the more popular ways of advertising, custom labels and stickers have definitely benefited from the digital printing facility.

Label and sticker printing using digital printing machines has become fairly common nowadays. Today, digital printing has improved quality, time, and lessened the effort and investment. For less, you get more value. Today, all types of companies and businesses are choosing digital printing for their custom labels and stickers and that’s just one reason why you should try it too. The actually benefit from this means goes far beyond the dollar. Since today advertising budgets have become less thanks to effective and superior quality printing techniques, it’s time you forgot about the traditional printing methods and considered digital printing!

Here are some of the top reasons why you should choose digital printing for your custom labels and stickers printing.

1. It lowers the initial costs and doesn’t require use of plates. That means that digital printing is quicker and has a shorter turnaround time.

2. You can print shorter runs and save on your marketing materials (if it’s a limited time product offer etc). You can save money by cutting down on unnecessary expenditure, besides reducing wastage.

3. Since your custom labels and stickers proofs will be printed on the same material as for the bulk, it allows you to actually experience, first-hand, how your label and sticker will look once it’s been printed. dumo labels

4. Using custom labels and stickers increases your response rate. In fact, according to a research carried out by PIA/GATF, it was found that by adding color and personalizing merchandise, response increased by 134%! How does printing digitally help? By digitally printing your labels and stickers, you are benefitting from what is known as “variable data printing (VDP).” VDP allows business owners to change either text or graphics on every piece of printing material in real time basis. VDP has many levels, from simple to complicate.

When employing personalization techniques, it’s definitely advisable to use digital printing. After all, a good looking and high quality custom sticker and label is bound to attract more attention and have a higher recall value than a badly printed one. Besides this, by digitally printing your custom labels and stickers you will be able to see a sharp increase in your profits due to increase in sales. You can easy calculate your ROI through your response rate data and see the facts for yourself. As costs are reduced, more responses are created, your personalized logo merchandize advertising campaign is only going to grow from strength to strength.


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