Chat With Many People When Using Instant Messaging

In this article we will be discussing all the features that instant messaging provides to its users. This is a kind of software which enables people to chat and send and receives messages on an instant basis as the name suggests. leveling bot

• One feature that the instant messaging provides is that the user can get access to his emails from the software itself. He does not have to open his mail box separately. This is a fast way to check your mail box and thus saves time.

• Social networking sites can adopt this instant messaging software to provide the same facility to its users. There are many such websites which have already adopted the software to use them.

• Emoticons are one of the best features that the instant messaging software is providing. These are visual and graphical expressions which take the form of our faces but in a cartoon manner. Many people today use these emoticons instead of messages to show their feelings.

• Calls- some of the instant messaging software have the option of making free calls to any contact that is present in the list. These free calls are available only when both the parties are online. This is because the other person has to receive the call when you are dialing.

• Parallel chats- this is one feature which is not available in the phone texting. One can chat with many people at the same time. Also, there is an option for group chats. This enables the user to send the same message to all the persons in the group at the same time. With this, the user does not have to type the message again and again.


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