100% Pure Skincare – Is This For Real?

There is no doubt that, in this day and age that everybody wants to look beautiful, people are craving more and more for 100% pure skincare. But, stop yourself and wonder: Does such a thing exist, or is this just another hype, created by marketing buffs to over-inflate consumers’ expectations?

In order to answer the question whether 100% pure skincare exists or not, you must first define what you mean: If by that term you are referring to the ingredients contained in skin care products now available in the market, the answer is a definite yes; there are products out there which use 100% natural, organic ingredients.

If, on the other hand, by 100% pure skincare you refer both to the ingredients as well as their processing (i.e. whether they have undergone some kind of treatment before they were put into the jar you are buying from the shelf), the answer is a definite no: It is inevitable that some of the ingredients have to go through processing, in order for them to become more effective.

For example, most of the natural ingredients found in skin care products, are in reality “concentrates” or “active” ingredients taken out from the original plant, through “extraction”.

Having cleared this out, I would like to introduce you to another term by the name of “holistic skincare”, which, is also receiving a lot of buzz these days as well. What this term means, is that, in order to have a healthy and youthful skin, then you must not focus your attention only on the various creams you buy to put on your skin, but rather you should also take care of your diet and your lifestyle habits such as sleeping, exercising, removing stress from your life and so on.

Well, holistic skincare is a very broad subject and of course is beyond the scope of this article! However, what I would like to give you is a little bit more information on what ingredients to look for and what ingredients to stay away from, the next time you want to buy a skin care product. well with sativa cbd

First of all, avoid any skin care products which contain fragrances in them. Fragrances are put in skin care products by even the top names in the skin care industry, to make them smell nice. Be aware, however, that these contain chemicals which are harmful for your skin.

Next in your list on things to avoid, are the products which contain substances called parabens. These are preservatives which are put inside skin care products just to lengthen their shelf life. However, it has been scientifically proven that they cause long term damage to your health, even cancer.

On the other side, two of the ingredients which are 100% natural and I fully encourage you to look for them when you are making your next market research to buy a skin care product are the following:

Phytessence Wakame Рthis is 100% natural sea algae, found in the seas near Japan. This is rich in calcium and other important minerals and is powerful antioxidant. It is scientifically proven to enhance skin elasticity and is ideal for irritated and dry skin.

Cynergy TK Рthis is quite a new breakthrough in skin care. It has been clinically proven to stimulate generation of collagen elastin and skin cells.

In conclusion, there might not be such as thing as 100% pure skincare in the strictest sense, but there are now available in the market skin care products which claim to have 100% natural ingredients. What’s more, talking about holistic skincare, these products are closely interlinked with out diet, since, what we put on our skin eventually finds its way in our bloodstream!

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